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Update on Marines Storming CIA Headquarters in Langley

Reports: US Marine Expeditionary Unit (MEU) Lands at Langley! Source: Hal Turner Radio Show FILE PHOTO: Tilt-Rotor Aircraft UPDATED ...

Monday, November 20, 2017

(Video) Right to Subrogation -- Stop a Court Case with One Question

Published on Nov 17, 2017

Do you want to stop a court case against you fast? Applies to Civil or criminal - unless there is damaged party present. Consider this concept and study well. This is a much more direct and simpler path than glow in the dark "sovereign" or "patriot" non US citizen approaches. You already have your status IF you are the one asking the right questions. You no longer have to get caught up in flawed or ineffective theories about the ALL CAPS NAME, UCC1, US Citizen, crossing the bar, "pure equity" theories, gold fringe, etc. We are moving away from discussing those concept in that context. They aren't practical and simple enough to actually execute. Do your homework on this. Know the term subrogation and why it matters before you use this concept. But don't complicate this either.

Not legal advice. A private member association.

The U.S. Military and CIA to be Investigated for War Crimes

U.S. Military And CIA Leaders May Be Investigated For War Crimes

11/18/2017 09:37 am ET

Source: Huffington Post


On November 3, the chief prosecutor of the International Criminal Court (ICC) informed the court’s Pre-Trial Chamber, ”[T]here is a reasonable basis to believe that war crimes and crimes against humanity have been committed in connection with the armed conflict in Afghanistan.”

In what Amnesty International’s Solomon Sacco called a “seminal moment for the ICC,” Chief Prosecutor Fatou Bensouda asked the court for authorization to commence an investigation that would focus on US military and CIA leaders, as well as Taliban and Afghan officials.

Bensouda wrote in a November 14, 2016, report that her preliminary examination revealed “a reasonable basis to believe” the “war crimes of torture and ill-treatment” had been committed “by US military forces deployed to Afghanistan and in secret detention facilities operated by the Central Intelligence Agency, principally in the 2003-2004 period, although allegedly continuing in some cases until 2014.”

The chief prosecutor noted the alleged crimes by the CIA and US armed forces “were not the abuses of a few isolated individuals,” but rather were “part of approved interrogation techniques in an attempt to extract ‘actionable intelligence’ from detainees.” She added there was “reason to believe” that crimes were “committed in the furtherance of a policy or policies ... which would support US objectives in the conflict of Afghanistan.”

In accordance with its Rome Statute, the ICC only asserts jurisdiction over people whose home country is unwilling or unable to bring them to justice. In explaining why this war crimes investigation falls under the ICC’s jurisdiction, Bensouda wrote that the US Department of Justice investigations regarding ill-treatment of 101 detainees were limited to whether interrogation techniques used by CIA interrogators were unauthorized and violated criminal statutes. The US Attorney General (AG) said the Justice Department would not prosecute anyone who acted in good faith and within the guidance provided by the Office of Legal Counsel (OLC).

The AG investigated only two incidents and found the evidence insufficient to obtain convictions. In one case, Gul Rahman froze to death after being stripped and shackled to a cold cement floor in the secret Afghan prison known as the Salt Pit. In the other, Manadel al-Jamadi died in Iraq’s Abu Ghraib prison after he was suspended from the ceiling by his wrists which were bound behind his back. Former military policeman Tony Diaz, who witnessed al-Jamadi’s torture, said that blood gushed from his mouth like “a faucet had turned on” when he was lowered to the ground. A military autopsy concluded that al-Jamadi’s death was a homicide. However, the AG ultimately refused to prosecute the Bush officials responsible for the torture and deaths of those two men.

In 2008, ABC News reported that Dick Cheney, Condoleezza Rice, Donald Rumsfeld, George Tenet and John Ashcroft met in the White House and micromanaged the torture of terrorism suspects by approving specific torture techniques such as waterboarding. George W. Bush admitted in his 2010 memoir that he authorized waterboarding. Cheney, Rice and John Yoo - author of the OLC’s most egregious torture memos - have made similar admissions.

Were the ICC to pursue its investigation, the United States, which is not a party to the Rome Statute, would very likely refuse to relinquish any US person to the ICC. During the Bush administration, Congress passed the American Service-Members Protection Act, which says if US persons are sent to the ICC in The Hague, the US military can forcibly extract them. The act also restricts US cooperation with the ICC and prohibits military assistance to states parties to the Rome Statute unless they sign bilateral immunity agreements with the US.

States which sign these “Article 98” agreements ― referring to the section of the Rome Statute that addresses treaties between countries ― pledge not to hand over US nationals to the ICC. The United States has reportedly extracted those agreements from over 100 countries ― primarily small nations, or fragile democracies with weak economies. Moreover, the US government has withdrawn military aid from several nations that refused to be coerced into signing them.

However, under the Rome Statute, the ICC can take jurisdiction over a national of even a non-party state if he or she commits a crime in a state party’s territory. The US vehemently objects to this, but it’s nothing new. Under well-established principles of international law, the crimes being prosecuted in the ICC ― genocide, war crimes, crimes against humanity ― are crimes of universal jurisdiction.

The doctrine of universal jurisdiction permits any country to try foreign nationals for the most egregious crimes, even without any direct relationship to the prosecuting country. That means other nations can bring US leaders to justice for war crimes and crimes against humanity.

Indeed, the United States has asserted jurisdiction over foreign nationals in anti-terrorism, anti-narcotics trafficking, torture and war crimes cases. The US government tried, convicted and sentenced Charles “Chuckie” Taylor Jr. to federal prison for torture committed in Liberia. Israel tried, convicted and executed Adolph Eichmann for his crimes during the Holocaust.

There will be strong political pressure to avoid liability for US leaders. But Bensouda has undoubtedly withstood heavy pressure by asking the court to approve an investigation into crimes committed in Afghanistan. She also invariably faced considerable pushback for opening a preliminary examination in January 2015 of possible war crimes committed by Israel and the Palestinians in Gaza. Bensouda is expected to announce the results of that examination in December.

The ICC has been criticized for focusing almost exclusively on African leaders. This is apparently changing with possible investigations into the conflicts in Afghanistan and Palestine.

If a full investigation of US officials proceeds as requested, it “would send a clear signal to the Trump administration and other countries around the world that torture is categorically prohibited, even in times of war, and there will be consequences for authorizing and committing acts of torture,” according to Jamil Dakwar, director of the ACLU’s Human Rights Program.

During the presidential campaign, Donald Trump declared he would “immediately” resume waterboarding and would “bring back a hell of a lot worse than waterboarding” because the United States is facing a “barbaric” enemy. He labeled waterboarding a “minor form” of interrogation.

“The long overdue message that no one is above the law is particularly important now, as the Trump administration ramps up military machinations in Afghanistan and embraces the endless war with no plan in sight,” Katherine Gallagher, a senior lawyer at the Center for Constitutional Rights, said in a statement.

Benjamin Fulford Report (Excerpt): "Khazarian Cabal Purge Accelerates" -- November 20, 2017

Weekly Geo-political News and Analysis

Khazarian cabal purge accelerates: Marines storm CIA HQ; Over 2000 indicted in U.S.; Collapse of control grid in Europe

By Benjamin Fulford, White Dragon Society


The purge of the satanic Khazarian cabal that turned the West evil is accelerating at an undeniable pace. Most importantly, Pentagon sources confirm multiple Internet reports that Marines stormed the CIA headquarters this past weekend. One of the aims was to shut down Operation Mockingbird, the CIA group that turned the mass media, as well as Google, Facebook, etc. into mass mind-control propaganda, say NSA sources.

The institutional heirs to the group that murdered President John F. Kennedy are also being rounded up, according to Pentagon sources. “The Department of Justice and [Special Counsel Robert] Mueller are working overtime and may exceed 2000 sealed indictments,” a Pentagon source says.

These moves, combined with the purge of all the Saudi royals and military who were linked to 9/11, as well as the removal of Zimbabwe dictator Robert Mugabe and the imminent removal of Israeli satanist Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu, leave no doubt that the long-awaited arrests and roundups of cabalists worldwide has begun.

The Rothschild/Saxe Gotha family group is also losing control over Europe. In Germany, Chancellor Angela Merkel (Hitler’s daughter) failed to form a new government. In France, a hundred legislators from Rothschild-slave President Emmanuel Macron’s party have defected, as mass protests against this election-stealer’s rule break out all across the country. In England, Rothschild-slave Prime Minister Theresa May is also unpopular and expected to be removed soon.

Meanwhile in Japan, Admiral Harry Harris, Commander of the United States Pacific Command, met with slave Prime Minister Shinzo Abe last week. According to sources who were at the meeting, Abe told Harris that...(Full report available Thursday. - OD)

Restored Republic via a GCR Events of Last Weekend Nov. 20, 2017

Restored Republic via a GCR Events of Last Weekend Nov. 20 2017

Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, ret, CEO, Child Abuse Recovery; Author, "Twenty Two Faces,"

Source: Dinar Chronicles

1. On Friday Nov. 17 Iraq became a part of the World Trade Organization, which couldn't happen without a new Dinar rate.

2. On Sat. Nov. 18 Marines in full combat gear arrived in Langley, Virginia and stormed into CIA Headquarters. Several individuals running CIA operations were arrested on the spot.

3. So far there have been 1,800 Sealed Indictments (and counting) filed in Federal Court. This figure was said to be not even close to the actual amount of arrests happening.

4. TNT: I was told that a basket of nine (9) different foreign currencies would re-value tomorrow Mon, Nov. 20.

5. The new monetary system and all of it's counterparts including the RV were readied for activation.The New Republic Government has been fully operational. On a day to day basis meetings have been taking place on the right time to begin the formal transition.

6. ZAP: This coming week will be monumental and a distinct game changer. There are quite a few groups that will be starting projects as they get hydrated. This includes us.

Steve Beckow -- History Unfolding

History Unfolding

November 20, 2017

Source: Golden Age of Gaia | By Steve Beckow

The rumors are flying fast and thick.

Critical, historic events are unfolding before our eyes.

Important officials in two influential states have fallen – Saudi Arabia and Zimbabwe.

Exposes are happening right and left.

Heaven knows how many more world leaders will fall. I read an article yesterday saying that many African dictators are looking into alternate arrangements.

It’s as if the world has arisen in protest – or dictators fear that it will. Will they be next, to follow Mugabe?

“Jared Rand” said in a conference call Sunday evening that “tens of thousands” are being arrested in the U.S. “Things are going on around the country at breakneck speed.” He confirmed the rumor that the very FEMA camps intended to be used to house intellectuals and dissidents are being used to house cabal members.

My predictions? Watch for the drug cartels to fall – after the snake’s head, the CIA, is removed (rumors have the Marines already there). All genuine terrorists, most of all our own “state terrorists” behind all our false-flag operations like 9/11 and Las Vegas will be removed.

All corrupt figures in every government institution. The same in the military, Veterans Administration, churches, universities. Prisoners unlawfully convicted will be released. Prisons for profit will be closed. Unfair and unconstitutional legislation will be rescinded.

Anyone who will not stop preying on humanity will be removed. I know that the White Hats, including the galactics, have been collecting dossiers on everyone involved in corruption since I first heard of Ascension in 2008. That was the talk of the day back then.


Meanwhile, how well are we doing, watching this unfold before our eyes? It certainly is gripping.

Because we know what’s actually happening (the cabal is being taken apart), I can view all that’s going on somewhat like a movie. It hasn’t quite been real for me.

Until I remember that real men and women are dying to establish a new form of government. Their sacrifice is very real. So, yes, it’s deadly real and no movie.

After this phase of things, I think we’ll approach the process of truth-telling and reconciliation that follows as a spiral, in much the same way that life itself is a spiral. In both, we keep returning to the same unfinished business but from a higher and higher level.

We may do a so-so job, say, with reconciliation the first time around and better the next, etc.

The direction of things is to a higher level of being that isn’t accessible as long as we’re weighted down by dense vibrations so every lingering conflict has to go.

Our social incompletions are bound to come up as the energies rise. Our own missed marks (“sins” in archery) in international affairs are many – yes, us, the so-called “West.” We think of ourselves as world saviors, “making the world safe for democracy,” etc., but some other folks regard us as world-class scourges.

We’ve invaded and colonized so many countries and financially ruined others that we may have a lot to face into when every voice is deemed to be equal and is allowed the opportunity to speak and be heard.

Going through this process of social completion seems to me essential. I don’t think the people of the world would accept that we’ve entered a new era if they didn’t see liberation from the bondage of debt, taxes, rising pries, falling incomes, etc.

I don’t think they’d believe it if they weren’t given the full truth of what has happened in our world, the full story, no matter how sad so much of it is.

I think they’ll need to see that world society has taken a new direction and is truly serious about letting go of the past and building the future.

Update on Marines Storming CIA Headquarters in Langley

Reports: US Marine Expeditionary Unit (MEU) Lands at Langley!

Source: Hal Turner Radio Show

FILE PHOTO: Tilt-Rotor Aircraft

UPDATED 9:17 PM EST (SEE BOTTOM) -- Reports are beginning to surface that a Marine Expeditionary Unit (MEU) landed at Langley on Saturday.

A Marine expeditionary unit (MEU, pronounced "Mew"), is the smallest Marine air-ground task force (MAGTF) in the United States Fleet Marine Force. Each MEU is an expeditionary quick reaction force, deployed and ready for immediate response to any crisis, whether it be natural disaster or combat missions.

A Marine expeditionary unit is normally composed of: a reinforced Marine infantry battalion (designated as a Battalion Landing Team) as the ground combat element, a composite medium tiltrotor squadron forms the aviation combat element, a combat logistics battalion provides the logistics combat element, and a company-size command element serves as the MEU headquarters group.

Troop strength is about 2,200 and usually commanded by a colonel, and is deployed from amphibious assault ships. Currently, a Marine expeditionary unit embarks Marines and equipment onto the amphibious warfare ships of an Expeditionary Strike Group (ESG) which also includes escort ships and submarines to protect them from air, surface, and submarine threats. For further protection and strong air support, such an ESG is often deployed along with one or more carrier battle groups.


According to persons who reside near Langley, a large contingent of Marines arrived at CIA Headquarters in tilt-rotor aircraft and when the Marines deplaned, they were armed and moved quickly into CIA Headquarters! (I did not personally witness this and am relying solely on what witnesses are telling me)

Those witnesses also say that a significant number of tilt-rotor aircraft could be clearly seen circling the grounds of CIA Headquarters, parked on the grass around the building.

This is not normal.

Never before has anything like this ever been seen taking place at CIA Headquarters and speculation is now running rampant as to what is actually taking place.

Conspiracy Theorists are claiming the President of the United States is moving to take out rogue elements in the Intelligence Community, at the request of his new CIA Director. It is rumored that these rogue elements have been undermining the Administration since before it took office last January, and may be connected to some well publicized "incidents" which suddenly resumed taking place this year, (mass shootings / violent protests) after a brief respite once the Obama Administration left office.

Moreover, there is not one word of Marines landing at Langley, appearing in _any_ US mass-media outlet.


The number of SEALED INDICTMENTS presently on US District Court Dockets across the United States has reached an astonishing 1800 as of Friday, November 17. These Sealed Indictments began appearing on US District Court Dockets on October 31.

There have never been this many Sealed Indictments showing on federal court Dockets at the same time . . . ever.

The existence of so many sealed Indictments has lead others to suggest that large groups of federal officials - perhaps including elected officials - are facing mass arrest over a number of corruption-related activities such as "pay-to-play" the UraniumOne conspiracy, Pedophile Rings and other criminal activities, and these troops may be needed to keep order once the high officials start being taken under arrest!

This is especially interesting given revelations late last week, that an FBI Informant allegedly has VIDEO of Clinton Foundation people being given suitcases full of cash from Russians, prior to the approval of the UraniumOne deal which sold twenty percent of US Uranium manufacturing to Russia's state-owned ROSATOM corporation.

The existence of video showing cash payoffs has sent a slew of people from the former Administration into fits of anxiety that their schemes are now uncovered and many of them are going to prison for what they did. Desperate people can sometimes do desperate things and if those people are high-ranking federal officials, God only knows what they might have in the works to try to save themselves.

This is a developing story. Updates will be made as information becomes available.


Despite actually having a personal life, and despite today being Sunday, which is family time, I have done a LOT of digging on this story. I have reached out to contacts in both the Pentagon and in several Intel Agencies and here is what I can confirm:

This story has gone viral and sadly, a number of people who copied the story, added some of their own speculation or assumptions. Some of the copies offer absolutely wild variations on the basic report above.

Nowhere on this web site did I even make mention of any "coup" against the President. Those rumors came from others acting on their own.

Nowhere on this web site did I claim there were 2200 Marines sent to the CIA. I reported the typical size of an MEU as being typically 2200 and some readers assumed that all 2200 went to CIA.

Now, about the troops. I have been told that " a very significant number" of troops WERE sent to CIA and arrived via aircraft on Saturday, November 18. I was not told a precise number. I was not told WHY they were sent. I was not told what time they were sent.

My article above reports that a Marine Expeditionary Unit (MEU) is comprised of about 2200 Marines. That's factually accurate.

But the Ground Combat Element of an MEU is 1100 troops.

The Aviation Element consists of 12 MV-22s (Osprey) and 4 Sikorsky CH-53 "Super Stallion" helicopters.

Each MV-22 carries 24 troops standard, and 32 if they cram them in.

Each CH-53 carries 37 troops standard, and if the extra seats are installed 55 troops.

So going with the absolute max per aircraft, the Osprey element can carry 384 troops, and the CH-53 element 220.

That means 604 troops in a single lift. So if they were using all 1100 troops of the ground combat element that would be two trips for each aircraft.

The CIA Headquarters building is located at 1000 Colonial Farm Road in McLean, Virginia, and can be reached via George Washington Memorial Parkway.

However, due to a need for secrecy, the complex may only be accessed by those with authorization (e.g., appropriate credentials) or by appointment; only authorized vehicles may access the private road leading to the complex from George Washington Memorial Parkway.

You cannot "clearly see" the grounds of the installation from anywhere because the front gate is down a long, two-lane road and there's trees and man-made hills all around the perimeter of it to protect from Sniper fire coming from nearby roads.

This means that the public couldn't just wander by and start snapping pictures by the side of the road. In fact, people aren't even allowed on the private roads nearby the installation.

Both the MV-22 Osprey and Sikorsky CH-53 Super Stallion are loud when they're flying; there would be no sneaking them in.

And it is this component that I followed-up on: Did nearby residents in McLean suddenly notice a large number of loud helicopters overhead, moving toward or from the area of the CIA. The repeated answer to that question has been "Yes."

Many (very many) residents of McLean, VA have confirmed they found themselves hearing large numbers of loud aircraft overhead on Saturday, and that the sounds lasted more then 30 minutes!

As far as a definitive statement from any of my former colleagues . . . . NONE of them would reveal any details about whatever is going on down there. But they did confirm to me today "something is going on."

I expect to have several additional contacts overnight and will again update this story if I am able to offer something more concise and verifiable.

My History with the FBI

Several persons have contacted me concerning this story and asked about my former history with the FBI. There are apparently smears being postulated about me given the fact that for 15 years I worked with the FBI doing covert intelligence. Some are alleging that I may somehow still be engaged in that activity and that this story is somehow "disinformation. Those claims are totally without merit. I think the following needs to be said:

My history is an open book now. From 1993 thru 2008 I worked with the FBI. In my final five years (2003-2008) with the Joint Terrorism Task Force (JTTF) doing National Security Intelligence. The FBI and I parted company in November 2008. They got rid of me for "severe control problems."

You see, the think tanks in the bureau got the idea they could lure gullible people into preparing to launch terror attacks, and guys like me could supply them with dummy explosives, dummy detonators and the like. Then, once the gullible person actually went to make his attack, the FBI could arrest him and claim they "averted a terrorist attack. "

To me, this was entrapment. It's one thing if a guy comes to me looking for explosives and such.

It is quite another for me to go offering such things to stupid people just to build a phony case and take credit for "averting" a terrorist attack that would have never happened had we in government not supplied the means! To me, this new program by the bureau stunk.

I refused to take part in these efforts. The FBI got rid of me.

About 7 months later, the Obama Regime arrested me for an EDITORIAL I wrote on my talk radio show web site.

In that Editorial I called three federal judges in Chicago "Traitors to the Constitution" over a gun control ruling they made. The Editorial quoted Thomas Jefferson who said "The tree of liberty must be replenished from time to time with the blood of Patriots and of Tyrants." I went on to say "These judges DESERVE to be killed. It would replenish the tree of liberty, a small price to pay to assure freedom for millions."

Twenty two days later, 14 FBI agents arrived at my house.

FBI: Hi Hal. Is this still your web site?
Me: Yes.
FBI: Did you write this?
Me: Yes.
FBI: Hal, the US Attorney in Chicago says this is a threat and you're under arrest.


At my FIRST trial in December, 2009, Assistant Special Agent in Charge (of the New York City FBI Division) Amy Pickett, testified in Brooklyn Federal Court that I handled National Security, Terrorism and Foreign Counter Intelligence. At the time, Alex Jones reported about me on Here's the video. It's only the first 1m 30s you need to watch - it tells it all.

Others testified that the FBI budgeted $100,000 a year for me.

Result of Trial #1 --- HUNG JURY (9 voted NOT guilty)

The Obama Regime put me on trial a SECOND time in March, 2010. This time, they brought the three judges into court to testify against me. (First time in US history that 3 federal judges testified against someone).

Result of Trial #2 --- HUNG JURY (10 Voted NOT guilty)

By this time, I was Bankrupt from legal fees and from being under House Arrest, prohibited from being on radio or the Internet and unable to work.

Unable to pay my two lawyers, I was appointed a public defender.

The Obama Regime put me on Trial an astonishing THIRD time in August , 2010. (They usually only do that for Mafia Bosses accused of multiple murders.) The public defender rolled over and I got convicted.

Federal Prison

Off to federal prison I went for 33 months. And not just _any_ prison. TERRORIST PRISON at the Federal Correctional Institution in Terre Haute, Indiana. The "Communications Management Unit (CMU)" which is more intensely locked down and controlled than SUPERMAX!

While all other federal prisoners get 300 minutes a month phone time, we got two, 15 minute phone calls per WEEK. And we had to sign up a week in advance, telling the prison the number we would be calling, who we would be speaking to and what language, so they could actively monitor the calls.

Regular federal prisoners get a maximum of 32 hours a month visits. We got 8 hours a month.

They put me in there with El Sayyid NoSair who murdered Rabbi Meir Kahane and blew up the world trade center in 1993. He and I ate lunch together every day.

They put me in there with Muhammed Rashid, whom bombed Pan Am fight 803 and various Embassies.

They put me in there with that Somali Pirate, Musa, who hijacked the Maersk Alabama merchant vessel. You may have heard about in the Tom Hanks Movie "Captain Philips"

Go to the web site of National Public Radio. Use their search engine and conduct a search for "CMU" and you'll find my name on the list of prisoners. The most secret prison unit in the entire United States!

I was in the same unit as these killers. For writing an Editorial!

Here are links to the National Public Radio stories about the CMU:
and Prisoner List HERE:
(Alphabetized. Search down to "Turner, Harold Charles" )

When I got out, three more years probation - unable to be on the net or on the radio.

If you think that I would EVER assist the federal government again, you are out of your mind. They wrecked my life. Stole my freedom and ruined my name --- because I wrote an OPINION they didn't like. THAT was the Obama regime.

I returned to radio in October 2015. Had to stop for lack of funding.

Brought the show back earlier this year and the ONLY thing I have going for me is that I am still in close touch with the many people in the Intelligence Community with whom I worked for years; both in the US and overseas as a fully operational Extra-Territorial operative.

Thanks to those long-term relationships, I get info the general public never gets near.

My credibility has proven itself over and over again. It's the only reason people listen to me and visit my site.

I wouldn't DARE risk that credibility for some phony story.


For anyone.

I do, however, fully support President Trump, for whom I happily voted.

Having worked in covert Intelligence, I ___KNOW__ what he is actually facing in the depths of the Deep State --- and these bastards play for keeps.

Elements within the CIA funded and supplied weapons to ISIS inside Syria; calling them "Freedom Fighters." These same CIA elements funded and supplied Al-Qaida.

ISIS and AL-Qaida used some of that funding and some of those weapon supplies to kill innocent people, steal land, steal oil, destroy historical artifacts and create turmoil. They committed unspeakable atrocities.

Material support of terrorism is a Felony under US federal law and now, there's a new Sheriff in town: Donald Trump.

Some people inside the CIA are guilty of committing felonies and they have every reason to use every means at their disposal to prevent their lives from being destroyed over what they did. Hide files. Destroy evidence. Create crises for diversions and so on. Desperate people sometimes do desperate things.

While I cannot even fathom doing anything to assist the federal government in any covert or overt manner, I would take a bullet to protect our President.

I voted for him. I admire him. I want him to remain President and carry out the agenda he campaigned upon. I want the Illegal aliens and their kids rounded-up and deported. I want a wall built along the entire southern border. I want manufacturing jobs brought back to this country. I want an end or renegotiation to the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), same with the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT) and an end to our membership in the World Trade Organization (WTO). I want radical Muslims kept out. I want our military OUT of . . . pretty much everywhere we've stuck our nose for the last two decades. I want the PEDOPHILE RINGS in Washington, DC and elsewhere arrested, prosecuted, jailed and, if possible, lawfully executed. I want an end to Affirmative Action, Minority Hiring Quotas and Contract set-asides. I want American English to be our official language. I want the Immigration Reform Act of 1964 Repealed and our immigration policy based on Merit. I want Hillary Clinton prosecuted for the E-mail deletions and mishandling of Classified Information. I want the people involved in the UraniumOne conspiracy investigated, prosecuted and jailed.

If the Deep State is actually being dealt with right now, then we the American People need to support what the President is doing. The only way the American people can know what's going on is if they are told.

That is why I went ahead with this report.

I stand-by the report.

My heart is now, and has always been, with my fellow Americans.

The World's First Floating Nation to Appear off the Island of Tahiti

The World’s First Floating Nation Designed to ‘Liberate Humanity From Politicians’

November 20, 2017

Source: Golden Age of Gaia | By Suzanne Maresca

By Harry Pettit,, November 13, 2017

The world’s first floating nation is set to appear in the Pacific Ocean off the island of Tahiti in 2020.

A handful of hotels, homes, offices, restaurants and more will be built in the next few years by the nonprofit Seasteading Institute, which hopes to ‘liberate humanity from politicians’.

The radical plans, bankrolled by PayPal founder Peter Thiel, could see the creation of an independent nation that will float in international waters and operate within its own laws.

In a new interview, Joe Quirk, president of the Seasteading Institute, said he wants to see ‘thousands’ of rogue floating cities by 2050, each of them ‘offering different ways of governance’.

‘Governments just don’t get better,’ Mr Quirk told the New York Times.

‘They’re stuck in previous centuries. That’s because land incentives a violent monopoly to control it.’

The first island is being funded by a coin offering, a new concept gaining popularity in Silicon Valley in which money is ‘crowd sourced’ by creating and selling a virtual currency.

The non-profit hopes to raise around $60 million by 2020 to build a dozen buildings.

The structures will feature ‘green roofs’ covered with vegetation and construction will use local bamboo, coconut fibre, wood and recycled metal and plastic.

First revealed in January, the plans have been approved by the French Polynesian government, which is now creating a special economic zone so the floating nation can operate under its own trade laws.

The tiny nation, a collection of 118 islands in the southern Pacific with a population just over 200,000, has granted the Seasteading Institute 100 acres of beachfront to operate from.

French Polynesia is interested in the project as the area is at risk from rising sea levels.

It may seem like an ambitious plan, but the group believes semi-independent cities would be the perfect place to try new modes of government and agricultural methods.

Mr Quirk and his team have now started a new company, Blue Frontiers, which will build and operate the floating islands in French Polynesia.

He said he was inspired to build a floating city, known as seasteading, when he went to the US festival Burning Man 2011.

The enormous event, which attracts 70,000 people every year, could provide a model for a new society where ‘rules don’t observe their usual parameters’, he said.

‘If you could have a floating city, it would essentially be a start-up country,’ Mr Quirk said.

Who Are The ‘Seasteaders’?

Seasteaders are a diverse global team of marine biologists, nautical engineers, aquaculture farmers, medical researchers, investors, environmentalists, and artists according to The Seasteading Institute’s website.

They plan to build floating islands, or seasteads to host aquaculture farms, floating healthcare, medical research islands, and sustainable energy powerhouses.

‘Our goal is to maximize entrepreneurial freedom to create blue jobs to welcome anyone to the Next New World,’ they write.

The Institute was founded in 2008 by PayPal founder, Peter Thiel and activist, software engineer and political economic theorist Patri Friedman, who is the grandson of Nobel Prize winning economist Milton Friedman.

Mr Thiel, a venture capitalist who co-founded PayPal, has funneled $1.25 million ($812,920) into the Institute and has previously called Seasteading an ‘open frontier for experimenting with new ideas for government’.

‘We can create a huge diversity of governments for a huge diversity of people.

The Seasteading Institute, co-founded by PayPal founder Peter Thiel and political economic theorist Patri Friedman, has spent the past five years creating designs for ‘permanent, innovative communities floating at sea’.

In 2012, soon after Mr Quirk joined the Seasteading Institute, he wrote a paper with Mr Friedman titled: ‘Seasteading: How Floating Nations Will Restore The Environment, Enrich The Poor, Cure The Sick and Liberate Humanity From Politicians.

The groups claims that building floating cities is the first step to fulfilling ‘the eight great moral imperatives.’

Its deal with French Polynesia, signed in January, specifies two points the project must prove before it gets the green light: Whether it will benefit the local economy, and if it proves to be environmentally friendly.

Even if it succeeds in proving these two points, the project will still need to be approved by the local government, and possibly France, which holds the territory.

Randolph Hencken, executive director of the institute, said in January: ‘What we’re interested in is societal choice and having a location where we can try things that haven’t been tried before.

‘I don’t think it will be that dramatically radical in the first renditions.

‘We were looking for sheltered waters, we don’t want to be out in the open ocean – it’s technologically possible but economically outrageous to afford.

‘If we can be behind a reef break, then we can design floating platforms that are sufficient for those waters at an affordable cost.

‘We don’t have to start from scratch as this is a pilot project.

‘They also have very stable institutions so we’re able to work with a government that wants us there, that we have respect for and they have respect for us.’

Draft legislation will be drawn up next year and construction is expected to begin in 2019.

Floating islands would feature aquaculture farms, healthcare, medical research facilities, and sustainable energy powerhouses.

The first city would be built on a network of 11 rectangular and five-sided platforms so it could be rearranged according to its inhabitants’ needs like a floating jigsaw, Mr Quirk said in January.

A feasibility report by Dutch engineering firm Deltasync said the square and pentagon platforms would measure 164ft (50metres) in length and they would have 164 ft-tall (50 metre) sides to protect buildings and residents.

The platforms will be made from reinforced concrete and support three-storey buildings such as apartments, terraces, offices and hotels for up to 100 years, according to the plans.

It’s envisaged that between 250 and 300 people will call the first floating city home.

The plan is that the city will float just off-shore of a host nation, but have a substantial degree of political independence.

The original proposal was to look to international waters to establish new nations, but the Institute realized locating its city off the coast would enable the inhabitants to go onshore and acquire goods, give it more shelter from storms and better legal protection.

The Institute says: ‘Our in-house team is now actively engaged in diplomacy with host nations, making the case that hosting an autonomous seastead city in their territorial waters would produce significant economic, social and environmental benefits for their citizens.’

It believes its floating city would create an environment that encourages innovation and start-up governments, rather than what it calls the ‘monopolies’ of today.

The Institute claims it will ‘give people the freedom to choose the government they want instead of being stuck with the government they get’.

If inhabitants disagree with the city’s government, they could paddle their colony to another city, forcing governments to work to attract citizens.

The feasibility report supported the idea that the project is economically feasible, with each platform costing less than $15 million (£10 million) which works out at a similar price as land in London or New York.

Overall, the first floating city is predicted to cost $167 million (£109 million).

Speaking in 2008, Mr Thiel said: ‘Decades from now, those looking back at the start of the century will understand that Seasteading was an obvious step towards encouraging the development of more efficient, practical public sector models around the world.

‘We’re at a fascinating juncture: the nature of government is about to change at a very fundamental level.’

More on Seasteading

“Vote with Your Boat” at

“SeaSteading- Building on the Platform of the Oceans: Patri Friedman at TEDxSF” at

“Seasteading 20 Questions, 20 Answers, 20 Seconds Each = PechaKucha!” at

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Holy Spirituality with Pine Cone: Letting-go Solace

'Ode to a Nightingale' From 'Bright Star'

If I play a Karmic-male gender-role to, continually be wrong in any female Stockholm Syndrome sick-loyal relationship, then any Blackmailing-female relationship left to play the Hostage-patsy retains my physical-role shame-handler evil-gender in more Karmic-Co-creating creation, instead of switching my allegiance from Satanically Correct Creation projection lifetimes-dissonance Splat-flattened every revolution on the Wheel of Gender-bigotry Karma, to ONENESS Spirit Conscience gender-free absolute unborn infinity Holy Spirit Forgiveness nurturing.

If am a man, then it means I was, am, and will be a man-hating Karmic-woman again, and again, so I come back to, directly experience how it feels to be continually hated by women, just like I was, am, and will be a woman-hating Karmic-man again and again.

If am a woman, then it means I was, am, and will be a woman-hating Karmic-man again, and again, so I come back to, directly experience how it feels to be continually hated by men, just like I was, am, and will be a man-hating Karmic-woman again and again.

It’s tragic how Blackmailing-women unconsciously co-create the, very weak-male aspects she hates most in any Patsy-relationship, but that’s what role women play by treating a man as if everything he says or does is continually wrong with her victim/victimizer/caretaker resentment wrath, that she demonizes into helplessly manifesting-in-kind what no woman can stand seeing in her co-creations from unconscious Karmic-male lifetime projections acting out what comes with her ‘was, is, and will be’ role-reversal gender’s relentless need for gender-hate difference.

It’s tragic how Blackmailing-men unconsciously co-create the, very weak-female aspects he hates most in any Patsy-relationship, but that’s what role men play by treating a woman as if everything she says or does is continually wrong with his victim/victimizer/caretaker resentment wrath, that he demonizes into helplessly manifesting-in-kind what no man can stand seeing in his co-creations from unconscious Karmic-female lifetime projections acting out what comes with his ‘was, is, and will be’ role-reversal gender’s relentless need for gender-hate difference.

Satanic-gender evil Karmic-projections in low vibration Duality-polarization is a gift to experience, directly the harm we project continually on the SWAT Wheel of Splat-flattening policing-contemptuous gender Quanta. We forget, that whatever we expect out of any experience gets co-created for us, whenever we get wherever we imagine we are going, so Karmic divisive-gender role-reversal lifetimes is the best system for Atonement gratification, until we surrender to Immortal Love in the Spirit of forgiveness, and let go of a need for any more punishing-gender relationship Solace.

When anything we let go of in creation we receive ten times relief in Atonement-Heaven, then letting go of any need to play physical/gender-roles at all in creation hate-repeating competition-suffering, would seem to enlighten compassion within forgiving Oversoul-solace Atonement into ONENESS Spirit Conscience of Immortal Love in absolute unborn infinite kindness, instead. Recently I felt the urge to re-liven a female failed family-relationship, and the crazy-making uncomfortable result made me begin to feel guilty self-hate memory-rage again for blaming myself for everything she did to me too.

I asked Holy Spirit to come and help me forgive myself, so the very first awareness came fast to remember that, even thinking about playing that contemptuous female-replication of my Mother-patsy, knee-jerked me right out of any more need to be sick, and loyal to more narcissistic female malignant victim-abuse, that causes more codependent SWAT Splat-flattening policing-contemptuous Karma for, both innate Gender-bigotry creation-fails. In relief I noticed, all the ways the women in my life played me, as if I was wrong all the time, and Solace came to relieve me, because I was simply Holiday-anniversary rape-and-murder playing with the idea, that maybe I could do, all the forgiving for, both of us, just like I did as a child, just to have someone who, maybe can care about me, more than that Child-sacrifice did, does, and, barely won’t yet.

Even writing this much guided-experience popped up a few deeper feelings about what if everyone stopped the Wheel of Karma, all at the same time, and therein would begin the ‘end’ of creation’s survival? What about us, all letting go of any more need for sex, or gender need for difference then? The Collective Dark currents Consciousness, almost swallowed me up again, but once I see how I’m ‘supposed’ to suffer, directly under every Eden wowman’s garden-wrath it made it easier, somehow to stop thumping around on the “Merry-go-round” Wheel of Karma, like an old John Deere tractor one-lunger with a few teeth missing on it’s giant, almost-stop/undead lunging-flywheel.

Atoning Karmic lifetimes may mean a lot more than we understand about ONENESS Spirit Conscience? I just, up and began to forgive my parents for raping, and killing me, once I finally rem-em-bred. Gradually, during guided writing 46 books@ one every two months in gratitude for Holy Spirit forgiveness nurturing a phrase-nuance increased my understanding: “True Forgiveness is continually forgiving others, as myself, until I experience the Illusion/Mirror of Karmic creation-fails, that enlighten compassion enough, to experience “Letting-go Solace”, and begin to Unify Karmic divisive-gender role-reversal lifetimes Mercy.”

How can I shame/blame project my own Karma out onto the other helpless suffering gender, if I was, am, and will be, both, all the Gender-time, and at any Time-karma in creation Co-created Quanta, that drives us all, so crazy with hate-mirrors until Forgiveness, Compassion, and Mercy does the Atoning for us. I can’t stop men, and women from hating each other, any more than I can stop my unconscious parents from unknowingly hating me, and each other, either.

All this Spiritual crap doesn’t come first, before forgiving the first time, and continuing as a Total Humility follow~through to Heavenly Grace; I didn’t, even understand what ‘willingness’ was at first, but my first willingness to ‘forgive those ass holes’, at least was a sign I was a little bit willing to forgive, and at least try a little Holy Spirituality-can’t-take-it-with-you “Letting-go Solace”, as long as it didn’t ‘mean-gender’ Satanic-sex adrenalized-blood relationship-reconciliation was the Predator Earth autonomic-survival Child-sacrifice religious-motive.

Restored Republic via a GCR as of Nov. 20, 2017

Restored Republic via a GCR Update as of Nov. 20 2017

Compiled 12:10 am EDT 20 Nov. 2017 by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, ret, CEO, Child Abuse Recovery; Author, "Twenty Two Faces,"

Source: Dinar Chronicles

A. Nov. 19 2017 7:02 pm EST GCR Intel Alert: Operation Disclosure GCR/RV Intel Alert for November 19, 2017

1. Marines in full combat gear arrived in Langley yesterday Nov. 18 with V-22 Ospreys and stormed into the CIA headquarters.

2. Several individuals running CIA operations were arrested on the spot.

3. There have been 1,800 Sealed Indictments and counting so far - although this figure was said to be not even close to the actual amount.

4. On a day to day basis meetings were taking place about the right time to begin the transition (to the New Republic).

5. The new monetary system and all of it's counterparts including the RV has been readied for activation.

6. The New Republic Government was fully operational.

7. We are on the verge of the transition.

B. Nov. 19 2017 6:36 pm EST TNT It is to Happen Mon, Dr. M J Randy: "It is to Happen" - Sun. PM TNT Thoughts w/ RayRen98

1. I was told that a basket of nine (9) different foreign currencies would re-value tomorrow Mon, Nov. 20.

2. Our major currencies were in the basket: Dong, Dinar, Rial/Toma etc.

3. Iraqi Dinar would start at a 1 to 1, then due to currency traders, would explode past $3.71.

4. Last time with Kuwait their Dinar went from $2.23 to $9.21, then back down to $3.23 where it remained.

C. Nov. 19 2017 10:04 pm EST, Poof, Zap: "So Much Trouble In The World" - Weekly ZAP - The Office of POOFness - 11.19.17

1. Progress was being made inch by inch and far more slowly than was ever thought possible. All was moving forward. Some essential pieces were being removed and other elements were gaining stronger traction.

2. The RV as connected to the Prosperity Programs has made progress.

3. This coming week will be monumental and a distinct game changer. There are quite a few groups that will be starting the project side as they get hydrated. This includes us.

4. The cleanup continues.

5. In the next days with the releases and first funds we can all breathe, or at least prepare to breathe.

D. Nov. 19 10:55 am EST 2,200 US Marines storm CIA Headquarters on Sat. Nov. 18: US Marines Storm the CIA Headquarters in Langley

1. Reports are beginning to surface that a Marine Expeditionary Unit (MEU) landed at Langley on Sat. Nov. 18.

2. MEU is an expeditionary quick reaction force, deployed and ready for immediate response to any crisis, whether it be natural disaster or combat missions.

3. Never before has anything like this ever been seen taking place at CIA Headquarters and speculation is running rampant as to what is actually taking place.

4. Conspiracy Theorists are claiming that President Trump is moving to take out rogue elements in the Intelligence Community, at the request of his new CIA Director. It is rumored that these rogue elements have been undermining the Administration since before it took office last Jan, and may be connected to some well publicized "incidents" which suddenly resumed taking place this year, (mass shootings / violent protests) after a brief respite once the Obama Administration left office.

5. There is not one word of Marines landing at Langley, appearing in any US mass-media outlet.

6. Update 5:51 am EST Nov. 19: The number of Sealed Indictments presently on US District Court Dockets across the US has reached 1,800 as of Friday, Nov. 17.

7. These Sealed Indictments began appearing on US District Court Dockets on Oct. 31.

8. The existence of so many Sealed Indictments has lead others to suggest that large groups of federal officials - perhaps including elected officials - are facing mass arrest over a number of corruption-related activities such as "pay-to-play" the UraniumOne conspiracy, Pedophile Rings and other criminal activities.

9. Once the high officials start being arrested these MEU troops would be needed to keep order.

10. This is especially interesting given revelations late last week, that an FBI Informant allegedly has a video of Clinton Foundation people being given suitcases full of cash from Russians, prior to the approval of the Uranium One Deal - which sold 20% of US Uranium manufacturing to Russia's state-owned ROSATOM corporation.

11. The existence of video showing cash payoffs has sent a slew of people from the former Administration into fits of anxiety that their schemes are uncovered and that many of them would be going to prison for what they did.

E. Nov. 19 2017 Real Truth Call, Jared Rand:

Judy Note: Read the below info and listen to the Call with caution. Some things about Mr. Rand may not check out.
"A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. RTC Call with Jared Rand" by ChangeComing! - 11.19.17

Jared Rand (said to be of RAND McNally, Sperry-RAND, and RAND Corporation) said he has been allowed/chosen to finally speak (starting at 2:29:29):

1. Around 36 years ago, along with a lot of others, I became involved in the transition of carrying our country into a New Republic.

2. There were around 1,800 sealed indictments that would transfer into tens of thousands of arrests.

3. There were a lot of new technologies that would come out - that have already been tested and used.

4. Some Prosperity Package people have been in this for over 40 years.

5. You would receive your monies, then realize that the responsibility for use of that money was enormous and would last for a lifetime.

6. We worked very closely with the Admiral, Native Americans, and structures in Texas and Atlanta.

7. The transition from fiat currency was completed. The New Republic gold backed currency would be the same, on a 1:1.

8. The transition to the New Republic has not happened yet, but the timing was being decided right now.

9. There are Learning Centers set up across the country where you can go in and learn what has happened to your country. It will be available to anyone for free. You will then need to inform the populous of what has happened.

10. This was on the verge of happening within the next 24 hours. Actually it's already happening. It's in the chute.

11. The exchanges were simple. It was as easy as walking into your local bank and telling them you have projects and this was how much you needed to do those projects. Or you could go into the bank, ask to view the rate and accept that rate on the screen.

12. It's all about managing the money. We have massive amounts of money that would be processed.

13. Education would be free. Many University library books would have to be re-written.

14. The minority was being given this money. Those of us in this would need to change the way we affect other people. You were going to affect the changes. There was a lot of work to be done.

15. They have technologies where medical conditions could heal.

16. On Friday Nov. 17 Iraq became a part of the World Trade Organization. They couldn't do that without a new Dinar rate.

17. The RV and GESARA were happening at the same time.

18. The mass arrests have been happening for months: ISIS, Hollywood pedophiles, politicians, etc.

19. With all the work that has been done to keep this thing a seemless transition, it was not felt that there would be an Emergency Broadcast System broadcast.

20. The National Guard was on high alert in case things didn't go down as planned.

21. There would be a smooth transition. The banks would not close. This has been planned so that there would not be a mass panic.

Updates for the last seven days:

Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Nov. 19, 2017

Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Nov. 18, 2017

Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Nov. 17, 2017

Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Nov. 16, 2017

Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Nov. 15, 2017

Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Nov. 14, 2017

Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Nov. 13, 2017

SOTN: JFK Assassination Plot Exposed with Multiple Co-Conspirators Identified

JFK Assassination Plot Exposed, Multiple Co-Conspirators Identified

Posted on November 18, 2017 by State of the Nation


JFK assassination evidence and cover-up points to the former C.I.A. Director as the black op overseer

Ex-CIA Director Allen Dulles ran a virtual assassination headquarters at The Farm in November of 1963

State of the Nation

If there is one individual who could be considered the driving force (domestic) behind, and operational manager, of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, Allen Dulles is the man. The quintessential point man.

Allen Dulles, Richard Bissell, President Kennedy, John McCone

Dulles’s fingerprints are literally all over the Dallas crime scene, as they are all over the C.I.A. cover-up that he once directed.

First and foremost, because only the Central Intelligence Agency could have pulled off such a high-profile hit, the former C.I.A. Director is clearly suspect #1.

Secondly, because only the C.I.A. could have successfully covered up the public execution for 54 years, Dulles is a key figure during the years following Kennedy’s assassination.
Just who was Allen Dulles?

“Allen Welsh Dulles was an American diplomat and lawyer who became the first civilian but third Director of Central Intelligence and its longest-serving director to date.” This is exactly where the problem started.

Having served as C.I.A. Director for 8 years under President Dwight Eisenhower, Dulles was given, and grabbed, enormous power and influence. The foreign black operations implemented during his tenure read like a [WHOLE SERIES] of Tom Clancy novels. There seemed to be nothing that Dulles would not attempt in the interest of advancing American imperialism.

Once the young John Kennedy entered the Oval Office, Dulles felt empowered to take over the U.S. government via his many agents within Deep State. Toward that end, Dulles practically set up a parallel government at Langley, Virginia headquarters in 1961. Dulles especially took the lead for the Military-Industrial Complex in running American foreign policy, and did so with disastrous effect.

KEY POINT: Allen W. Dulles was the first CIA Director to be fired for insubordination. President Kennedy quite angrily forced his resignation because of a number of unlawful and reckless black operations conducted by the C.I.A. under Dulles’ direct oversight, each of which irreparably damaged the reputation of his Administration.

The Farm

As unbelievable as it may sound, the headline of this exposé actually describes what went down on November 22, 1963 not far from Washington, D.C.. It’s entirely true that a former C.I.A. Director used the CIA’s super-secret Camp Peary near Williamsburg, Virginia as a remote command post to oversee the operational phase of the assassination of President Kennedy.

The following quote from a very revealing interview conducted by Democracy Now with American journalist David Talbot tells a critical part of the back story.

“The weekend of Kennedy’s assassination, Allen Dulles is not at home watching television like the rest of America,” Talbot said. “He’s at a remote CIA facility, two years after being pushed out of the agency by Kennedy, called The Farm, in northern Virginia, that he used when he was director of the CIA as a kind of an alternate command post.”

(Source: JFK Assassination: Former C.I.A. Director Allen Dulles #1 Suspect)

There are specific reasons why the fastidious execution of the C.I.A. assassination plan fell to one particular individual. In Allen Dulles did his masters find a highly disgruntled ex- C.I.A. director who had a huge axe to grind with President Kennedy. Not only did Kennedy fire him, he also rid the agency of his loyal lieutenants after the Bay of Pigs fiasco.

JFK Assassination: Classic CIA EXECUTION Plan and COVERUP

His masters also found a CIA alumnus who still exercised great power within the agency, as well as tremendous influence throughout the U.S. Intelligence Community. When Allen Dulles spoke, the D.C. power-players listened…very carefully.

Having been the longest serving CIA Director in agency history, Dulles also had the whole place wired. Hence, even after he and his direct reports were relieved of their duties, they still had access to CIA resources; on the Q.T., of course. That’s how he was able to use The Farm as his command post on the day of JFK’s assassination.

The actual sequence of events at The Farm on that day will never be known, as Dulles most assuredly took that inside story to the grave when he passed on in January of 1969. However, his handiwork was seen all over Dallas, Texas on November 22nd. As follows: C.I.A. & Company: The Real Plotters Behind JFK’s Assassination

When all is said and done, it’s clear that Allen Dulles had the motive, the will, the power and the resources to see to it that the JFK assassination was pulled off successfully and covered up completely. It’s also clear who he chose as his number 1 man on the ground to manage the crime scene. As follows: JFK Jr. Told The World Who Murdered His Father – But Nobody Was Paying Attention

The Warren Commission

It ought to be self-evident why President Lyndon Johnson appointed Allen Dulles to the Warren Commission. He knew that he would do a superlative job at covering up the assassination that he himself oversaw. Of course, Johnson was also directly involved having called on his many Texas connections to make the conspiracy work like a charm in Dallas. He also used the office of the president as a means to quickly shut down any resistance to the obvious cover-up.

Warren Commission Report: The Most Absurd Investigation In US History

There was much intrigue associated with the furtive workings of the Warren Commission that was never reported on to any significant degree. For example, the senator from Georgia tried to resign his position because of the shenanigans that he saw going on.

Clearly, it was Allen Dulles who was forever shaping the final commission report so that the truth would never come out. The most radioactive truth, of course, was that Lee Harvey Oswald was actually working directly for the Kennedy brothers conducting a counter-espionage operation in New Orleans, and then in Dallas. See the following exposé for further details.

Lee Harvey Oswald Framed by the CIA Because He Infiltrated Their Assassination Conspiracy & Was Working Directly for the Kennedy Brothers

The following archival video of Warren Commission member Allen Dulles giving an interview in Dallas while appearing to investigate the JFK crime scene speaks volumes. His cavalier attitude and control of the message clearly indicates that he is the primary fixer.

Former CIA Director & Warren Commission Member Allen W. Dulles Interviewed in Dallas in 1963 (Video of a laughing co-conspirator)
Cover-up Strategy: JFK the womanizer

There’s a very good reason why JFK was made into a womanizer.

That’s because Allen Dulles was a well-known womanizer.

According to his sister, Eleanor, Dulles had “at least a hundred” extramarital affairs, including some during his tenure with the CIA.[6][1]

It’s called projection, for one. Secondly, Dulles knew that there was no better way to ruin a good man’s reputation than to tar and feather him with sexual misconduct. Especially in puritan America as it was back then in the early 1960s And so he did. And so do his C.I.A. heirs with a vengeance that continues to this very day.

The real plot behind the various relationships that JFK had with a number of women while he occupied the White House is best understood as a modern-day “Scarlet Pimpernel” story. In fact, Kennedy’s alleged trysts were not scandalous affairs; rather, they were affairs of state. John F. Kennedy: Scarlet Pimpernel of the 20th Century

CIA = Criminals In Action

Truly, there is no other nakedly criminal black operation like the JFK assassination scheme that exposes the true mission of the C.I.A. (except the 9/11 false flag terror attacks). The entire organization was set up by criminals, staffed by criminals, and run by hardened white-collar criminals such Allen Welsh Dulles.

PONERIZATION: How the American Republic was taken over by political cliques of criminally insane psychopaths

Because the C.I.A. was ponerized from its very inception, the agency ensured that very few insiders would ever blow the whistle. Everyone knows that once you join The Company(as the C.I.A. is known in intelligence circles) “you can never leave”. This quite purposeful “company policy” was put into place early on so that the CIA’s patently illicit activities would only be exposed on pain of death.

Even Allen Dulles was, in reality, only a high-level spook who was used by the power elite to implement the JFK assassination. That’s because he showed himself to be a quite willing functionary capable of carrying out the CIA’s first “color revolutions” and high-profile assassinations that were necessary to advance the New World Order agenda. That’s all the C.I.A. really is: the covert military, enforcement and intelligence arm of the World Shadow Government.

The Company does after all bear the direct responsibility of seeing to it that all Anglo-American Axis international agreements are strictly adhered to. In reality, contract enforcement of this nature has always been the CIA’s primary duty.

(Source: Vladimir Putin’s Russia: Perfect Foil To The Anglo-American AxisAnd Their New World ‘Order’)

The real irony of this ongoing American saga is that it was former general President Dwight Eisenhower who warned the world about the dire threats associated with the emerging Military-Industrial Complex (MIC). And, yet, it was his C.I.A. Director — Allen Dulles — who dutifully served his MIC masters with extraordinary dedication, unparalleled intensity and ruthless efficiency. His oversight of the JFK assassination proved that he would do A N Y T H I N G to promote Pax Americana and American exceptionalism the world over. And so he did!

OPERATION ZIPPER: The CIA’s Highly Organized Conspiracy to Assassinate President John F. Kennedy

The 8 sniper’s nests (see sniper icons above) strategically located around Dealey Plaza in Dallas on November 22, 1963

Who really killed JFK? And why did they do it?

Then there is the matter of who really killed President John F. Kennedy. What follows is a comprehensive and definitive treatment of the actual on-the-ground CIA-directed plot that murdered JFK. This video offers the most authoritative account of the assassination plan ever presented, and contains highly classified information that was disseminated by CIA insiders. Some of the info is so secret that it was most likely provided by an active member(s) of the assassination squad. The identities, and their location in Dealey Plaza, of each assassin is revealed in the video below.

VIDEO: JFK to 911: Everything Is A Rich Man’s Trick

Given the massive body of evidence now available in the public domain, it’s quite clear that Allen Dulles was merely a strategically placed henchman for the ruling elites. Because of his deep and broad experience within the Anglo-American intelligence community, he was the perfect coordinator of the far-reaching conspiracy. That’s why the C.I.A. is called The Company; they effectively control all other companies within Corporate America–many directly, most indirectly. And it was the numerous MIC corporations and Oil & Gas companies who wanted Kennedy removed.

Of course, there were many others who wanted Kennedy dead. The Chicago mob, New Orleans mafia, and New York City organized crime all wanted him gone—yesterday! So did the many power-players and predatory capitalists who wanted to take Cuba back from Fidel Castro.

Most importantly, there was the Modern State of Israel that was extremely unhappy with President Kennedy’s international policies, especially where it concerned Israel. It has been asserted by several high-integrity conspiracy researchers that Kennedy’s lack of support for the Israeli nuclear development program was the thing that really got him killed. Part II of this 2017 JFK series will delve exclusively into this area of investigation as the hard evidence is now conclusive.

Unfortunately for Kennedy, a quite natural and extremely powerful alliance formed against him which represented the nexus of the political, military, intelligence and underworld forces which were simply overwhelming. And, in his capacity as an extremely well-connected C.I.A. Director, Dulles could be counted on to manufacture the necessary institutional necessary to pull off the exceedingly bold hit.

The following analysis presents a concise breakdown of all the major players and decision-makers involved in this highly organized conspiracy to assassinate the POTUS. Who killed JFK? And why did they do it?

Assassination Cover-up

The massive and pervasive cover-up of the JFK assassination could only be successfully undertaken by the C.I.A. This is where Dulles really excelled. He knew full well that a conspiracy of silence could be effectively enforced through fear. His long experience at The Company sufficiently proved to him that no one ever leaves the reservation unless they are willing to either die or become a lifelong pariah.

That’s how Dulles did it from November 22, 1963 until his death on January 29, 1969. After that, it was totally self-protective for the Central Intelligence Agency to maintain the cover-up — AT ALL COSTS — since it was intentionally involved in the assassination at every level. Hence, the American people still see great determination by the C.I.A. to continue to the utterly ridiculous cover-up to this very day.


As is always the case, whoever is tagged with the JFK assassination is really far from those shadow government decision-makers who really ordered the hit. After all, the 1963 version of Deep State was formed as a buffer to protect JFK’s true assassins.

Yes, Allen Dulles was a contemptible traitor to the American Republic, but so were many other despicable co-conspirators at the highest echelons of the U.S. Federal Government. There were also those foreign agents (e.g. Israeli secret service) who were equally culpable in that heinous crime against America.

However, there were also those brave souls who tried to alert the Kennedy Administration of the assassination plot. More significantly, there are countless patriots who have been murdered over the intervening decades for what they disclosed about the criminal conspiracy.

There are also numerous whistleblowers and truth tellers who, in their own courageous ways, have revealed the dangerous facts which have served to make their lives miserable.

Lastly, there are those many deep researchers and armchair investigators who have accumulated an extensive digital repository of hard and circumstantial evidence that has essentially solved this “crime of century”.

This exposé is dedicated to all such truth seekers. For it is they who know that, where it concerns the future (and continuity) of the United States of America, it is truths like these that shall set US free.

State of the Nation
November 4, 2017

JFK Assassination: Former C.I.A. Director Allen Dulles #1 Suspect (Video 1)
JFK Assassination: Former C.I.A. Director Allen Dulles #1 Suspect (Video 2)


[1] Allen Dulles


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