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Signs of the major correction are showing up with Dow dropping below 1,000 points in two days.

All in timing prior to the 26th when the "golden alternative" to the Petrodollar goes live.

Another timely event was the passing of the omnibus spending bill (gold-standard?).

All recent events are alluding to a "new financial system" which will result in a global currency reset (GCR).

The RV release is currently on an any moment basis as of the 17th.

Some inactive 800#'s have been preemptively given to a selected few.

Redemption centers in the U.S. are ready to go.

Banks, not so much.

Some banks say they aren't ready, other banks are cutting last minute deals.

Many bankers have been arrested as the result.

The RV exchanges/redemptions must be worldwide.

All must go or none go at all.




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Restored Republic via a GCR Summary of Events for March 18-29, 2018

Restored Republic via a GCR Summary of Events March 18-29 Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, ret. CEO, Child Abuse Recovery  www.ChildAbuseRecovery...

Saturday, March 24, 2018

Restored Republic via a GCR Summary of Events for March 18-29, 2018

Restored Republic via a GCR Summary of Events March 18-29

Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, ret. CEO, Child Abuse Recovery; Author, “Twenty Two Faces,”, Byington’s Before It’s News articles on Cabal/Vatican child abuse:

Source: Dinar Chronicles

Summary of Rumored RV Events March 18 to 29:

1. Sun. evening March 18 the RV was rumored to have completed for groups in Reno.

2. Mon. morning March 19 groups waiting in Reno were rumored to have exchanged including the Admiral, who was told his RV funds would be liquid.

3. Tues. March 20 Traders were notified that they could not trade the Chinese Yaun Petrodollar after midnight.

4. Wed. March 21 Farm Claims were paid out.

5. Wed. March 21 in Iraq the Qi cards with the new Dinar rate was rumored to have activated and appeared in the digital Gazette.

6. Thurs night March 22 was rumored to have marked the beginning of a 48 hour window for the RV. Redemption Centers were staffed to begin, on Red Alert and on lockdown.

7. On Sunday March 25 (7:30 pm EST) the Chinese Yuan would become a gold/asset backed world reserve currency as oil started trading in gold-backed Yuan instead of the Petrodollar.

8. Mon. March 26 would mark the end of the Petrodollar and thus end of Cabal rule through control of the global monetary system. Trading contracts with proceeds as high as $3 Trillion and $25,000 Trillion had been used in behalf of a select few bloodline families to subvert the people. Signatories to the trading contracts were Alan Greenspan, Ben Bernanke, Roger Ferguson, Janet Yellen, Timothy Geithner, Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Jack Lew, Paul O’Neill, Neil Wolin.

9. Thurs. March 29 according to Iraqi TV, the Iraqi Parliament would hold its last session where they would pass all remaining laws.

10. Currency Rates

a. Currencies in the first basket: Dinar, Dong, Rupiah, Zim, Afghani, Iranian Rial.

b. If you wanted the Contract Rate, call the 800 number.

a. Contract Rates were awarded on a first come, first served basis, and then based on how much total currency you had, the private banker would offer you what s/he thought would be a reasonable amount. If a person had a lot of currency, they may get less at the Contract Rate, although the rest could be exchanged at the International Rate.

b. The NDA was 12 pages and was required on Contract Rates and Zim. If you broke it by exposing to anyone what you had, what your rate was, or where you got it, you could have all of your bank accounts frozen and be required by law to return all of your money including any profits made.

c. Bank Screen Rates

Dong: $.47
Rupiah: $1.08
Afghani: $2.39
Rial: $3.22
Dinar: $3.77

The Dinar may go up 5% per day - $8 to $10 - in a controlled float on the Forex.

The Dinar Contract Rate of $28.50 could be available, but you had to ask for it.

A person with 100K: call the 800 number to get 100% Contract Rate for your Dinar. Your ability to obtain the Contract Rate would depend on how much total currency you had. The less you had, the more likely you were to get it. You could exchange up to ten million Dinar at the Contract Rate and exchange the rest at the Bank Screen Rate that showed at the time of your exchange.

Zim Bond: $0.00000010 ($.10 with 6 zeros taken off) or 100 Trillion = $10 Million

The Zim may rise up to $.16 on the Forex.

Tier 1 Banks would be redeeming Zim at the Screen Rate.

If you wanted the Contract Rate on the Zim, call the 800 number for an appointment.

If you have Humanitarian Projects call the 800# to exchange at a Redemption Center.

You could only exchange up to 100T Zim at your exchange – the rest at a later date.

There would be no limit to exchanging Zim.

11. Deep State Pedophiles & Pedogate funded by US Taxpayer since the CIA was formed after World War II. Military Tribunals for PedoGate, David Zublick: (Video) David Zublick -- Executive Order: Military Tribunals for PedoGate

1. President Trump signed an Executive Order allowing him to arrest and prosecute ‘Deep State’ pedophiles using the US military court-martial process.

2. Among those soon to be rounded up and sent to Gitmo included the Clintons, Podesta Brothers, Rex Tillerson, and even Vice President Mike Pence.

3. Q revealed that Little St. James, the island owned by convicted pedophile, Jeffrey Epstein, contained levels underground that housed jail cells & a temple used for Satanic Ritual Abuse (involving torture and human sacrifice of children).

4. As part of the investigation of Pedogate (rape and exploitation of children by the political elite) both Clintons and other political elites were found to frequent Little St. James on Epstein’s plane, the Lolita Express.

5. Evidently there was an indictment out on Obama, who recently asked for and was denied asylum in the UK and has now asked for asylum in Japan. The indictment could include Pedogate, the Uranium One Scandal and Election Fraud.

6. There were 500 unelected DOJ lawyers who controlled all taxpayer monies for their Cabal leaders.

7. There was a network of elite pedophiles who controlled the global monetary system using their intelligence services to set up and blackmail politicians to keep them in line.

8. Since the end of World War II an international pedophile ring was said to be organized by the CIA in cooperation with the Deep State’s use of US taxpayer dollars run through the British Monarchy and Vatican.

9. On June 21 1965 Summer Solstice six year-old Jenny Hill was tortured and witnessed another child killed in a Satanic human sacrifice ceremony overseen by a CIA operative Dr. Green brought into the US from Nazi Germany after World War II to head the CIA Mind Control Program, MKULTRA.

10. In early 1965 and prior to Hill’s experience, Congress claimed to have already shut down these MKULTRA human experiments targeting children.

11. Congressional investigations finally led to 1977 & 1995 Hearings – both of which were covered up, with no action taken.

12. Videos of MKULTRA Survivors at the 1995 Congressional Hearings testifying that Green (whom other survivors claimed was Joseph Mengele), headed this CIA’s MKULTRA Mind Control. In these videos the Satanic Abuse Survivors claimed that they were also tortured as children after the CIA program was reportedly shut down in 1965:

Therapist Valerie Wolf:

Survivor Christina Nicola

Survivor Claudia Mullen

Survivors Claudia Mullen, Cammie Lewis, Brice Taylor, Susan Benson, Chuck Davenport, Kathleen Sullivan, Anon:

13. There were multiple CIA Ritual Abuse Survivors who testified that as children they were raped and seen children murdered and eaten by Cabalists. Many years ago Oprah Winfrey interviewed some:

James Gilliland: Social Engineering, Opposites, the Division Game

Social Engineering, Opposites, The Division Game

by James Gilliland
March 20, 2018

I want to begin with the basics. We can apply these basics to everything to get back on track as to what is real, what is true and who is who in this crazy mixed up world..

The first question is:
“Are you creating Heaven on Earth?”

I want to begin with the basics. We can apply these basics to everything to get back on track as to what is real, what is true and who is who in this crazy mixed up world. The first question is, “Are you creating Heaven on Earth?” The second question is, “Are you operating under Universal Law?” There also is a Cherokee saying, “If it isn’t good for everyone it isn’t good.”

Universal Law in its simplest form is: Universal Peace, Brother/Sisterly Love, Individual Freedom and Prosperity for All. A document that closely resembles Universal Law is your Constitution and Bill of Rights. These are all tools for discernment. Agencies, organizations and people that trespass on these divine rights are what some would call the enemy, not in service to Humanity and the Earth. The most important - this is what is true, what is fair.

This should be the biggest consideration: What form of media do you tune into, have they been compromised?

The next thing to consider is where is your information coming from upon which you base your decisions. This should be the biggest consideration. What form of media do you tune into, have they been compromised? Have they been accurate? Where do they get their information from? Are they just reading a screen? Did they do any objective investigation? What is the be lie f of your peers and could they have been manipulated, socially engineered.

I often ask people when they make statements, do you have personal experience, firsthand knowledge, what is the source of your information? In almost every case they repeat something they heard on one of the main stream media outlets. When I tell them the main stream news in most cases are part of a project called Mockingbird, mouth pieces for the Deep State, CIA and other agencies.

Despite overwhelming evidence they pull up the conspiracy label. Then I tell them the conspiracy label was also created by the same group to discredit whistle blowers, researchers and anyone who does not follow the controlled narrative. Read the NASA paper. The ultimate red pill.

Watch Video on YouTube

If they [Media] were to release the truth, the undeniable evidence on the behavior of the politicians, social icons etc. the suicide rate would go through the roof followed by riots.

Fox News is the only larger news agency that is covering a lot of the corruption but they know they cannot touch upon some subjects such as Satanic Worship, Spirit Cooking, Child Sacrificing, Drug and Child Trafficking, Pedophilia, Sexual Predation, Genocidal Programs and other decadent behavior. The depth and magnitude of this is too much for people to handle. If they were to release the truth, the undeniable evidence on the behavior of the politicians, social icons etc. the suicide rate would go through the roof followed by riots. Those totally brainwashed against those who are awake.

The hate left would be triggered by the social engineers resulting in total chaos. The moral right would show little or no tolerance once aware of how dark and decadent the behavior of their leadership.

Who are the social engineers?.

Who are the social engineers? Who are the ones controlling the narrative, creating the separation games, dividing genders, cultures, religions, and organizations against each other? The answer is a well-known one. Follow the money, do the research on those funding the politicians, agencies and organizations creating separation, division and social unrest. The ones screaming accusations without merit the loudest of which are deeply embedded in the swamp.

Before you form an opinion, research the source of the information: Do they have an agenda? Do they have a history of deception? Are they pitting genders, races, cultures and religions against each other? Most important where does their funding come from?


What if it was a possibility that almost all the information channels you depend on were corrupt?

What if there was an extremely well-funded network in place designed to control the masses?

What if this has been going on for hundreds of years becoming more fine-tuned, more exact to a level beyond imagination where they could play society like a fiddle?

What would happen if you found out this was being done to you on a grand scale invading your mind to the point that you don’t know who you are anymore?

This latest guilt trip against white males is another attempt at separation and emasculation, which has been going on for quite some time.

Ever heard of soy boys? Estrogen mimickers? Destruction of the family unit? We are all a product of social engineering to one degree or another, relying on a talking head in a box to tell you what to be lie ve. Most have lost all critical thinking. You’re a part of the herd who are also programmed and socially engineered trained to react in ways unloving to anyone who is not part of the herd consciousness.▪ What if things were the opposite of what you were told; the information on which you based your opinion was wrong?

▪ What if what you were taught in school was wrong; your history, archeology, religions, even the sciences are regulated.

▪ What if things were the opposite of what you were told; the information on which you based your opinion was wrong?

▪ What if what you were taught in school was wrong; your history, archeology, religions, even the sciences are regulated.

What would be the repercussions?

This has been the demise of many masters, critical thinkers, awakened ones who rose above the herd.

What if things were the opposite of what you were told; the information on which you based your opinion was wrong?

Before we go further I want to give you two examples. One is Antifa. They are supposedly antifascist, anti-Nazi, yet are funded by an admitted known NAZI, “Soros”, act like fascists, even fly the old Nazi flag. Now if this is not a prime example of hypocrisy, social engineering and opposites I don’t know what is.

Some of these people practice what they believe is justifiable violence unaware they are being used by the very people they hate. What was interesting is the protests against Soros for stiffing them, not paying them after successful riots.

The same character funds Black Lives Matter. Does this mean white lives, red lives, yellow lives, brown lives, police lives don’t matter? Yes, there are serious problems to address- yet let’s do it as a unified community. By the way, police officers were killed due to false news stories, the reporters of which should be held accountable.


How about open borders another one of Soros’ organizations. What happens when you bring together cultures that clash, have completely opposite laws, customs and religions? You create total chaos, a huge economic burden on the infiltrated country, often resulting in social and economic collapse. Yet when you look at the financial contributions of those making these policies and follow the money it goes back to the same people.

The people who - after the collapse - take over the resources, the financial system enslaving the people under a massive debt buying up everything for a penny on the dollar. Does open borders mean gangs and drugs get a free pass? Are they protected in Sanctuary Cities?

If you knew how long consciousness has been manipulated on the planet most would be shocked. How about 450,000 years, could you handle that?

The division the elite created through social engineering created the demise of many a country and culture. Pay attention to Germany and Sweden, especially the women who have been beaten and raped. Do not fool yourselves into thinking America is not number 1 on the target list.

How do you know if you are not doing their bidding? They work with division and opposites. They misrepresent the facts and twist stories pulling on the heart strings of America to fit their agendas.

How do you know if you have been socially engineered, lied too and are on the wrong side of the fence?

Where did your be lie fs come from? Could the bad guys be the good guys, the good guys be the bad guys?

If you knew how long consciousness has been manipulated on the planet most would be shocked. How about 450,000 years, could you handle that?

Could the bearded Gods of old have been a part of this? What religion does not have an image of a bearded God?

What if the consciousness grid was draconian and you were under draconian law?

What if the social engineers were attacking anyone who challenges the corruption, the status quo with their massive network?

What if most of the agencies were infiltrated, corrupted have self-serving agendas? Is this a conspiracy or a fact?

What if the conspiracies turn out to be the truth and the so-called facts controlled by the corrupted agencies, educational systems and mainstream news turn out to be lies, deceptions with agendas?

If you are looking for a conspiracy look no further.

Did you know it is well documented civilized man has been on the planet for over 600,000 years?

Did you know there are pyramids and temples underneath many of the pyramids of today, some deep within the oceans, frozen under ice?

Ever hear of the Antediluvians, civilizations before the floods, the pole shifts, large meteor impacts? There are gold chains, diodes, hidden archaeology over 500,000 years old.

Did you know the Earth was terra formed, colonized not once but on three different occasions after great cataclysms? Where are the ancient ancestors, the Star Nations responsible for this grand experiment? They are you. You are the remnants of at least 12 different Star Nations.

You were not taught that in your schools, your religions nor has the main stream press covered this yet the evidence is overwhelming. Again, is it possible this entire planet has been a product of genetic and social engineering?

The Star Nations are returning.

They are here to liberate the Earth. They are here to tear down the draconian grid, bring out the real history of man, the true nature of God and dismantle the present system of enslavement bringing the power back to the people. They are here to drain the interdimensional swamp. “Now is the light going on?".

You have been controlled, manipulated, deceived, and preyed upon for thousands of years. Now the swamp has become so deceptive, decadent and all pervading intervention is necessary. So, are you defending and supporting the swamp, trying to maintain the draconian grid due to extreme social programming. Do you use the excuse it’s my job, everyone is doing it. Are you afraid to rock the boat, lose a few friends and family? Are you in ignorance of the Satanic, Spirit Cooking, Child Sacrificing, Pedophile network? Do you know who is involved in it, does it include the deep state, your past even some of your present leadership? Who is controlling your main stream media? Have you taken the red pill, done the research, gone down that rabbit hole? Who is the swamp and who is draining it?

I have been accused of being Right Winged although I have always said I am an observer. An educated one. I look for solutions. I know the ancient history of Earth, who is who, not just on this dimension but others as well. I know the origin of the draconian grid, draconian law, and who is in service to Humanity and the Earth.

I know who in their heart of hearts - though not infallible or perfect - are on the right side of the fence and who is in alignment with Universal Law and the liberation of Humanity and the Earth. I also know the forces behind them - some not of this time, but once of this world.
I also know a major correction is underway.

If you want to simplify this ask yourselves who has a history of lying? Who wants to take away your rights? The right to privacy, freedom of speech, religious freedom, the right to protect yourselves against enemies foreign and, “domestic?” Why are these rights a threat to them and their ultimate goals? Who wants to do away with the Constitution and the Bill of Rights divinely inspired documents? Who is behind the social engineering? Who are the Deep State, what are their tools, to whom do they owe their allegiance?

If you really want to go down the rabbit hole ask the taboo question: who is involved in the Satanic, Spirit Cooking, Pedophile network? The answer to that is unimaginable, the dark network is so entangled, most can’t handle it. That is why divine intervention is necessary, those draining the swamp are the ground crew. It’s time to break the spell, drop the social programming and get behind them.

Here are some more question to contemplate.▪ Why do ufos follow Air Force One?

▪ Why did Trump meet with the Saudis, the Russians, the Chinese, the Vietnamese? Was a deal brokered with North and South Korea, a reunification?

▪ Are all the leaders having contact with extremely advanced off world visitors?

▪ Are they in agreement when it comes to ending the Cabal, draining the Global Swamp?

▪ Why was an executive order declaring a state of emergency signed, allowing the assets of perpetrators of harm to be confiscated?

▪ Does the military, mainly the marines, become the highest court in the land?

▪ Why are there thousands of indictments, what are the tribunal courts?

▪ What are the forces seen and unseen behind the swamp?

▪ Who do they worship?

▪ Why do ufos follow Air Force One?

▪ Why did Trump meet with the Saudis, the Russians, the Chinese, the Vietnamese? Was a deal brokered with North and South Korea, a reunification?

▪ Are all the leaders having contact with extremely advanced off world visitors?

▪ Are they in agreement when it comes to ending the Cabal, draining the Global Swamp?

▪ Why was an executive order declaring a state of emergency signed, allowing the assets of perpetrators of harm to be confiscated?

▪ Does the military, mainly the marines, become the highest court in the land?

▪ Why are there thousands of indictments, what are the tribunal courts?

▪ What are the forces seen and unseen behind the swamp?

▪ Who do they worship?

I would strongly suggest reading this newsletter again, social programming will not allow you to get it the first time.

There will be triggers that will cause you to shut down when it gets too close to home or you have to release an old be lie f. Contemplate the questions. The answers are in the questions.

These are the times the prophecies have mentioned. It’s going to be a wild ride. Universal Law is coming. Buckle up.

Be Well, Be at Peace, Do the Healing Process,
James Gilliland
ECETI Official YouTube Channel

You have my permission to send this far and wide.

Anna Von Reitz -- Making Sense of the World

Friday, March 23, 2018

Making Sense of the World - Update March 23, 2018

Source: Paul Stramer | By Anna Von Reitz

The central point to keep in mind is that the Powers That Were are scrambling like roaches hit with a bright light because after six generations, we are waking up and realizing what was done to us --- and who did it.

The Queen and her brood going back to 1822 and the former Popes ---Benedict XVI and Francis excluded because they accepted responsibility and corrected the operations they inherited--- are the primary Bad Actors.

Things went South in Britain in the 1860's after Prince Albert died and Benjamin Disraeli convinced Queen Victoria to finance the Raj in India by selling out her own people at home. From there, the same evil "System" of corporate enfranchisement was used throughout the Commonwealth and eventually throughout the world.

National Governments were eaten away from within by this silent maggot-like fraud scheme, until only the shells were left and only "the appearance" of justice. The so-called "military industrial complex" had found a new backdoor into our wallets and the flowering of a new brand of commercial feudalism was the result-- a form of feudalism ten times worse than the serfdom of the Middle Ages.

Now the promoters of this System are caught, red-handed, their criminality and fraud exposed for all the world to see and we are witnessing exactly what you would expect:

(1) Stalling tactics and faint denials as they attempt to come to terms with the evil that many -- even in government -- were unaware of or studiously trying to ignore;

(2) Attempts to batten down the hatches and secure their own safety and the safety of their ill-gotten accounts and treasuries;

(3) Spawning of all sorts of groups and individuals to "explain away" the circumstances and off-load evidence of guilt to Third Parties (Global Debt Facility, Kingdom of Manna, Earnest Rauthschild, Wolfgang Struck, Chinese Elders, etc.,)

(4) Spawning of Counter-Control groups and programs that seek to put a new face on the old system (OPPT, TDA, etc.) or which seek to minimize and control the amount owed back to the people ("Freedom Checks", etc., which are really measly reparations payments).

(5) Frantic Clean Up efforts to try to destroy evidence. (Serco is right now at the US Patent Office desperately trying to sponge the records of what they and their masters have done here, but it is too late.)

The overall result is a vast panorama of lies and excuses and confusion. And just as it says in the Bible concerning the latter days, people are running here and there seeking saviors and believing first one lie and then another and the "wars" and rumors of war and the natural disasters are all piling on hot and heavy.

God isn't creating or mandating this Mess. He just saw it from afar.

It's the logical result of corrupt leaders trying to cover their tracks and come up with something to replace Commercial Feudalism --- or, what they have spent most of their effort doing so far --- find a way to repackage and re-brand it as something else, and still shove it down our throats.

So don't take any wooden nickels, get lost in any distractions, follow any Pied Pipers or forget what I have told you. (1) If you don't want to be mistaken as being "at war" -- don't fly the war flag. Fly the civil flag and post the black and white private property signs. (2) Practice saying, "I am not a citizen. I am a national of this country, standing on its land jurisdiction." (3) Remember that none of us are interested in "liberty"--- we are intent on securing "freedom". (4) We don't live in any "democracy"-- we live in fifty republican states. (5) There has never been "a" Republic per se, only an unincorporated Union of fifty republican states, known as The United States of America.

Remember that there is a logic to everything and that everyone and everything on this Earth grows in an organic way, starting off as a small, seed-like effort or idea, and building gradually into whatever it is going to be. We have the advantage now of being able to restore our lawful government using the tools and history of what we already built---and which these rats have been intent on tearing down--so we don't have to start from scratch.

For all those just waking up and wondering what to do and how to connect to or restore your lawful land jurisdiction government --first, you have to clean your own house and re-establish your own correct political status. Here are the steps:

1. Return your lawful Trade Name in the form "John Michael Doe" to the land and soil of your birth state. Do this by recording (not registering) your "Acknowledgement, Acceptance, and Deed of Re-Conveyance" laying claim to your Given Name and all derivative NAMES declaring their permanent domicile as the "land and soil" of ____________ (California, Ohio, Wisconsin, etc.). If your own county recording office won't accept this, find another county that will.

2. Then, as an extension to the Deed, record your Act of Expatriation from any presumed Territorial or Municipal Citizenship.

3. Then as another extension to the Deed claim up each Name/NAME via a Common Law Copyright and Habeas Corpus declaration using the Certificate of Assumed Name.

4. Then as another extension to the Deed claim up your physical body and biological identity using a Paramount Claim of your DNA and all derivative emanations from the moment of conception.

5. Then as a final extension to the Deed record your Mandatory Notice as a Foreign Sovereign.

Examples of these documents have been posted on my website: and The Living Law Firm hopes to have a free packet of instructions and fill-able forms available very soon.

Okay, so, you have your Names/NAMES back on the land and their political status properly identified and it is time to rejoin the other Americans who aren't [Territorial or Municipal] United States Citizens or citizens of the United States in operating your lawful government. This requires launching your own local county jural assembly and after that, your State Jural Assembly.

For help doing this, contact the Michigan General Jural Assembly, which has been up and operating since the 1980's. They have developed materials and assistance sources to help everyone else get properly organized. They can be contacted via email at: and host both a National Conference Call every Thursday night at 9 P.M. EST ( 1-712-770-4160, Access Code 226823#) and a National Hotline service (1-989-450-5522) from 2-7 P.M., Monday through Thursday.

This isn't anything controversial or scary or improper and nobody can interfere with your efforts so long as your own political status is properly declared.

So get your horse in front of your cart, folks, join the discussion and get your local county organized. We need a majority of the States set up and functioning by November 1, 2018.

Meantime, as Red Green says, keep your sticks on the ice and stay alert.


See this article and over 800 others on Anna's website here:
To support this work look for the PayPal button on this website.

Anna Von Reitz -- Big Picture

Friday, March 23, 2018

Big Picture

Source: Paul Stramer | By Anna Von Reitz

The British-backed 1860's to 1930's and French-backed 1946 onward "Territorial United States" is now and has always been foreign with respect to us. Foreign. FOREIGN! Stop and look hard at that word: they are foreign with respect to us!

I can't repeat this loud enough or long enough or in enough ways to get that through people's heads and get them to separate their lawful government from the foreign governments that administer the "delegated services" for us.

We are not naturally subject to any of the Executive Orders and other Territorial laws that apply to their citizens, in the same way that we are not subject to Canadian law or Spanish law, yet their domestic Territorial laws are being misapplied to us because we are not asserting our actual political status and because they have painstakingly falsified the public records pertaining to each one of us to make it appear that we are Territorial and/or Municipal United States employees or dependents.

Can J.C. PENNY require its employees to wear a uniform? Of course. Can they require you to wear a uniform? Of course not. Can the Territorial United States enact gun laws and confiscate guns belonging to their citizens? Yes, certainly. Can they confiscate your guns, if you are a private United States National? Never.

You have to figure out who you are and in what political status you are acting and then you have to make that clear to everyone else by recording it and bringing it forward whenever anyone bothers you.

Imagine that a J.C. PENNY employee who thinks that everyone is a J.C. PENNY employee accosts you on the street and demands to know why you aren't wearing a J.C. PENNY uniform?

You have to reply that you are not a J.C. PENNY employee or dependent, and therefore are not obligated to wear a uniform, right? And if you are "required" to produce a J.C. PENNY ID? It had better have a label on it saying, "retired", hadn't it? So that nobody can plausibly say that you were obligated to wear a J.C. PENNY uniform and didn't.

It's the same basic thing.

They have falsified the public register to make it look like everyone in this country is either a corporate employee or dependent---either a municipal employee/dependent or a territorial employee/dependent, and either way, all obligated to serve a corporation and obey corporate rules, aka, "statutory laws". Then they have trademarked and patented your Given Name and copyrighted it as property belonging to their corporations.

That's the Mess. That's the situation they have constructed as a means to control and leach off of their employers --- us.

The Territorial United States Government and Municipal United States Government are BOTH foreign with respect to us.

We are owed republican states and international land jurisdiction States under our own control, but to enrich themselves, these foreign "governmental services corporations" --- akin to Target or any other foreign corporation on our soil --- created a complex identity theft scheme based on similar names deceits and fraudulent commercial and political status claims.

The Territorial United States has always allowed Dual Citizenship, but our states never have.

So they just told a big, fat, self-interested Whopper about all of us, to the effect that we all voluntarily left behind the land jurisdiction we are heir to, and joined up with their merchant marine service and adopted Dual Citizenship. That was their Big Lie in the 1860s and 1870's.

Later on, 1946 onward, they told an even Bigger Lie -- that our Dual Citizenship was not between our birth states and the Territorial United States, but between the Territorial United States (as if we were born in Puerto Rico or in the Army) and the Municipal United States (as if we were a US corporation or born in Washington, DC).

They have been actively trying to kidnap us into their foreign jurisdiction and leave us "stateless"---- which allows them to claim our land and our assets as "abandoned property".

We finally woke up to this fraud scheme and its attendant crimes and have objected and developed means to put an end to it, first by correcting the falsified public records and recording our own copyright and claim to our Given Name and its derivative NAMES and placing them in their natural permanent domicile on the land and soil of ____________ (Idaho, Alaska, etc. )

And then by restoring our lawful land jurisdiction States and the government we are owed.
This action rebuts their presumptions that we are okay with their version of Dual Citizenship being foisted off on American babies.

And it sets the stage for all of us to restore our own lawful land jurisdiction government and kick their tails back into the box required by the international treaties and commercial service contracts that they are supposed to be obeying.

Now, please, at least those of you who are getting my messages-- stop jerking and jumping every time President Trump signs an EO. Stop thinking that those EO's apply to you. Stop obsessing and reacting every time the Territorial Congress tries to enact gun control legislation for their "citizens"---- what does it matter to you, once you get your own political status records and asset claims straight? It doesn't apply to you and nobody can say it does, as long as you have recorded your paperwork in advance.

Just like Dairy Queen can't force you to wear a Dairy Queen uniform if you aren't their employee, these jokers can't apply their "laws" and debts to you, if you aren't a territorial or municipal "citizen".

For now, just scrub that word "citizen" out of your vocabulary.

If you are an American national, you can't be a "sovereign citizen" or a "private citizen" or any kind of "citizen" related to THEIR scheme of things at all. Both these pieces of verbiage---"sovereign citizen" and "private citizen" are oxymorons. You can't be a citizen and act in private capacity. You can't be a sovereign and a citizen, either. Just drop the word "citizen" --- period, and object if anyone calls you a citizen until further notice.

Once you have re-conveyed your Trade Name and all derivative NAMES to the jurisdiction of the land and soil, the switch is flipped in your favor. Not until. And as I keep telling people, the change in your political status is NOT RETROACTIVE.

Pretend that you are in the Army. Prior to your discharge date, you have to obey every jot of protocol and manual. You have to wear a uniform, shine your shoes, etc., etc., etc., Once you are discharged, all that goes away. It is the same with this situation, only you hold the key to discharging yourself from the "service" of the government corporations.

My advice? Do so now, and don't look back.


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Anna Von Reitz -- Why Trump Signed the Budget

Friday, March 23, 2018

Why Trump Signed the Budget

Source: Paul Stramer | By Anna Von Reitz

The only Office that President Trump now has that is fully empowered, is the same Office that Abraham Lincoln held: Commander in Chief. And like Lincoln, he is presiding over a bankrupt government entity in receivership to foreign banks, which are actually Secondary Creditors that shouldn't be naming the Bankruptcy Trustees.

That's the facts, Ma'am.

If Trump hadn't signed the smoking pile of Pork Barrel perks and placed the Territorial United States more than another trillion in debt, the military wouldn't have been funded and there is no telling how long it would have taken for the members of this Nasty Congress to gather the votes to either override his veto or support a new budget offer.

Fancy a month or two with no military? And leave Trump with no power at all to control the situation inside or outside of the District of Columbia?

Congress doesn't care. They are sitting on their little island, ten miles square, impregnable--- at least so they think. Most of them are either outright traitors to the American cause or so stupid they couldn't light a candle in the dark to save themselves.

It's a game of Chicken, and the President blinked--- but it isn't lack of courage or resolve that made him blink. It's the fact that he needs the military and he needs his military Office to clean up the Mess, so in this case, it's a matter of losing to win and denying the Congress the ability to leave America open to invasion by UN mercs and others just itching for an excuse.

You want to know the essence of the problem?

It's the same problem we have had since 1860: the Territorial Congress. Both political parties. And the mistaken loyalty of the military which has protected these treasonous bastards under the mistaken belief that they "represent" the legitimate National Government when they don't.

Stupid conservatives have been slinging dirt at Trump all day for signing the Omnibus. Smart conservatives have been silently thanking God for Trump, instead. He knew when to bite it and why to bite it and how to bite it. As a result, you are all safe --- and he and the military have a fighting chance to deal with the bankruptcies, the gross corruption, and the restoration of the government you are all owed.

Ever had to take a step backward and pivot, in order to take two leaps forward? Well, you've seen him sign the Porkulous Bill, and you've seen him appoint Bolton. Now watch for the two leaps forward.


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(Video) Bridgette Lyn Dolgoff on Whistleblower Nation -- March 20, 2018

Published on Mar 23, 2018

Conversation with Ella Free and Bridgette Lyn Dolgoff about Nasa, star kid ufos, having babies and much more

(Video) Canada Attempts to Confuse us -- Why Ignoring the Law of Gender Won't Work

Published on Mar 24, 2018

Canada is heading down a very slippery slope that will ultimately lead to more confusion and pain for people. Pretending something doesn't exist is never the solution. In fact it's a guarantee to blow the problem up even further. This is basic communication 101. Think about every relationship you've ever had. Brushing a problem under the rug or pretending that it's not there has likely resulted in a major blow up down the road that could have been avoided had communication been chosen. It's time to start talking about gender.

In an attempt to not offend anyone, government officials are being asked to use gender neutral terms when referring to parents. This means they are no longer to use 'mother' and 'father' but instead 'parent 1' and 'parent 2'. I am not even going to address the new host of problems this sort of 'solution' will cause. Instead, I want to address the need to pretend that the masculine and feminine doesn't exist when we have Universal Law called the Law of Gender.

As someone who grew up hating the body I was born into for most of my childhood and teenage years, I am going to share with you how I went from wishing I was a boy to loving my female body. If I had ignored the masculine and feminine aspects of myself and pretended they didn't exist, I know for certain I would not be at peace with who I am today. Bringing into balance our divine feminine and masculine aspects is one of the biggest reasons why we incarnate into these bodies here on earth. When we bring these into balance we are harmonizing and unifying our soul back towards Source or God energy.

Find out in today's video why ignoring the Law of Gender will only take us further and further away from healing our pain, create more confusion within, and ultimately disconnect us from our Creator.

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